It has been a great privilege of serving as your Representative and your voice in Frankfort

Dear Boone County Friends,

In 2004, I walked door-to-door asking the citizens of the 66th House District to allow me to be their voice and serve them and their families in the Kentucky House of Representatives. Fourteen years ago, on Tuesday, January 4th, 2005 when I arrived at the state capitol, I was overwhelmed by the emotions pressing on my heart as I viewed the Capitol dome and pondered the traditions and rich history of the Kentucky General Assembly.  That sense of awe and reverence has never left me.  I feel it still, each day as I drive up Capitol Avenue, and as I walk across the lane from my office to the House Chambers.

I often think of my great-grandmother as I walk into the Capitol of Kentucky. Addie, a twelve year old girl from Rockcastle County, quietly caring for her six brothers and sisters, bathing, feeding, getting them off to school, and tending to all the household and farm chores, while her own heart’s desire was simply to go to school and learn to to read.  She passed on and inspired our entire family with her love for learning and her love for Kentucky.  Her love for the Bluegrass, her heart’s desire just to read and write, and the dreams each of us hold for our children and grandchildren, are the foundations of my own inspirations still today.

The people of my district elected me because we share similar traditional values and a vision and philosophy for government. That philosophy has continued to guide me in the decisions I make on a daily basis  It has always provided a road map for the path I take on our work to move our state forward.

As a conservative, my belief in the limited role of government has been my guiding principle.  Simply put, the role of state government is to empower people to take care of themselves, as well as to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable and those who cannot care for themselves.  During my tenure, I have always tried to evaluate each piece of legislation that comes before me with that in mind, asking two essential questions:  What is the underlying problem the bill is attempting to solve? And, is it the role of state government to solve this problem?

I have always believed that serving in public office was never a career, but a calling to servant leadership for a specific time of service.  I truly love the challenge and satisfaction of policy work and the opportunity to serve my constituents who have placed their trust in me.  You have asked only that I study the issues carefully, cast intelligent votes, and provide support in your dealings with state government.  I am grateful for House Leadership’s appointment to serve as the first Republican Chairwoman of the House Healthy and Family Services Committee.

While serving in the Kentucky House of Representatives, the last fourteen years, our family has changed immensely.  We have had the privilege of the challenge of caring for our parents, in the days and months of that long goodbye, as they awaited God to call them home.  We have been blessed to welcome new family members.  We now have eleven grandchildren, ranging in age from six months to sixteen years.

Life is such a precious gift, and our children and grandchildren are not only our family legacy but our greatest treasure.  As my great-grandmother once said, when I asked her what her job was, “Precious one, the Good Lord has given me a special task, as our Mamaw, to pass along wisdom, celebrate your dreams and create treasured memories with you, that you one day will share with your children and grandchildren.”

This summer and fall, I contacted several individuals who had, in the past, expressed an interest in serving in office, but it was not the right time in their life journey.  In recent weeks, several individuals have recently come fourth with a sincere interest to serve our community.  It is time for my husband and I to pass along wisdom, celebrate their dreams and work on those treasured memories.  Today, I will officially file my papers withdrawing as a candidate for the 2018 election for the 66th House District.

Although my time in the Kentucky legislature will expire on December 31st, pleased be assured, I will continue to advocate for that which is close to my heart, improving infrastructure and educational opportunities, improving health outcomes, fighting the opioid crisis and working for best practices for recovery and ensuring all Kentucky’s children have the opportunity to read, especially those with the challenges of dyslexia.

I wish to express by sincere gratitude to each of you for the honor of working together these past fourteen years, collaborating on ideas, debating solutions and striving for a more prosperous Kentucky for our children, grandchildren and those who come after us.  Thank you to our House Leadership for their confidence and the appointment to serve as the first Republican Chairwoman of the House Health and Family Services Committee.

Most of all, I am eternally grateful to the citizens of the Boone County’s 66th Legislative District for your trust and support that has allowed me the great privilege of serving as your Representative and your voice in Frankfort.

May God bless you and our great Commonwealth.


Addia Kathryn Wuchner, RN
State Representative
District 66

2018-01-30 Announcement on Re-Election