Believing in Kentucky!

I can’t say “thank you” enough to everyone who turned out for today’s 8th Lawmakers Clay Shoot in suppport of Kentucky’s New Majority!!!  From our event’s  committed  financial supporters and donors, to our awesome shooting teams, dedicated GOP staff and especially each and all you special ladies and guy  who cooked chili and desserts all night then arrived at dawn to help – You are what makes the Lawmakers ShootOut & Smokin Hot Chili Awards Reception Rockin Success!
Your desire for a new Kentucky, with possibilities and opportunities for our children and grandchildren, continues to inspire us and encourages each of us, our GOP House Leadership and our team of candidates.   I often wish you could meet all of our 2016 Republican House candidates; they are dedicated and principled women and men who have step up, put their personal lives and buisnesses on hold to run in their respective Districts.  No matter what area of  Commonwealth they call home, they stand firm and united with each of us in our  vision for Kentucky and our commitment to our Kentucky families and buisnesses.  Families are the building blocks of society, and small buisnesses are the backbone of  vibrant economy.        House Republicans have long stood with Kentucky families and Kentucky buinesses.  We are committed to removing barriers to success and ensuring an environment in this Commonwealth that encourages companies to invest in Kentucky, to grow and create jobs.   We can not afford to continue on the wornout path of buiness as usual in the Bluegrass, as it continues eroding our prosperity.                     Thank you again, for your support, your encouragement and most of all your trust in our New Majority Team – Republican House Leadership and Members and our Rock Solid Candidates!   The future doesn’t belong to the faint of heart, it belongs to those willing to embrace a bold vision and brave enough to take the steps and work non-stop to make that vision a reality.

” Your high standards make us remember the central question of public service: Why are we here?  Well, we’re here to see that government continues to serve you, not the otherway around.” – President Ronald Reagan, Jan 29, 1984.

Thank you again  and a very special SHOUT OUT to: KY Treasurer Allison Ball! KY Dep/ Sec. of Labor-Mike Nemes!  KY GOP!  Boone County Republican Women’s Club!  and Rep, Adam Koenig,  Rep. Bam Carney, Rep. Jonathan Shell, Rep. Marie Rader, Rep. St. Onge and Rep. Fischer, and Julie P, Mak, Sarah and Marrisa!!