Good Morning from Frankfort

20160822_095749    Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!   Today at your Capitol…  10:00 AM  The 5 Budget Review Sub Committees will be meeting this morning.      I serve on the Budget Sub Com. on Human Services.  Today’s Agenda:                I. Benefind -Presenter: Angie Maddox, Update on Medicaid.  II. Section 1115 Waiver Application, Presenters: Stephen Miller, Commissioner, Department of Medicaid, Cabinet for Health and Family Services, and Adam Meier, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy, Office of the Governor

1:00 PM  Interim Joint Appropriations & Revenue Committee                       Agenda.    ITestimony regarding actions taken by AT&T since the 2015 deregulation bill was enacted by the General Assembly              II. Discussion on the affordable housing tax credit bill introduced during the 2016 Regular Session,                         III. Other Business;                       A. List of Committee Correspondence and items referred to the Committee, Correspondence from John Scott, Deputy Director, Office of Budget Review:                            B. Interim Emergency Appropriation Increases for FY 2016 and FY 2017,                       C. Interim Allotment Adjustments for FY 2016 and FY 2017      Tune in on KET or follow our updates on today’s  discussions on Twitter and FB