Health Care

Putting people in charge of their health care decisions, while reducing costly mandates and regulations, is critical to expanding consumer-driven health care in Kentucky.

There is much to be done to improve health care in the Commonwealth. We have more than 4 million residents with approximately 800,000 of those residents on Medicaid. Last year the Medicaid enrolment was growing at a rate of 3,000 a month, but as the economy slowly improves the enrollment is now approximately 1,500 a month. Unfortunately, our culture does not value health. We have to improve this situation.

As former hospital administrator and VP of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, I worked to streamline efficiencies and develop more efficient and affordable ways to provide excellence in health care delivery. Tort Reform, Insurance Transportability (across stateliness), and Inter-State Compacts are just a few of the reforms that must be addressed by the Kentucky General Assembly to protect and improve the quality of health care in our state. These are just a few areas in which we can move Kentucky forward, if we can get 60 percent of the House of Representatives and 60 percent of the Senate to take action.

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