Less Spending & Lower Taxes

Since serving as your State Representative, I have supported sound fiscal policy and worked to reduce excessive government spending and lower the overall tax burden.

Kentucky Club for Growth Executive Director Andy Hightower recently said of Representative Addia Wuchner: “As reflected by her top finishes on our annual legislative scorecard, Representative Addia Wuchner has proven to be a trusted watchdog for the Kentucky taxpayer year after year.”

We cannot tax or spend our way into prosperity. Today, almost every state faces structural deficits created by overspending and antiquated budgetary practices. Over the years counties, communities and agencies have continued to increase their demand on state budgets. Often trying to please the folks in their home counties with projects, Kentucky–like most states–has restructured its spending over the years and increased our debt burden. Most of the legislative “fixes” for state budget gaps over the past few years have merely postponed or obscured problems rather than addressing them directly.

To solve our current budget shortfalls, I believe we must change not only our spending habits but our budgetary procedures. We must move from an outdated reapportions model of budgeting to priority-based budgeting, implementing procurement best practices and more efficiently delivering core government services. Now more than ever, Kentucky needs a strong fiscal conservative to help state government get its house in order.

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