Pro Life & Preserving Family Values


As a mom, a grandmother, a  nurse and bioethicist I understand, deeply value and have defended the sanctity of all human life – locally, nationally and internationally. In 2001, I testified before Congress on parents’ right to know and to make medical and healthcare decisions for their children.

I am a member of Nurses for Life and in 1998 co-founded the Institute for the Culture of Life.

My legislative record reflects my commitment to the unborn and the vulnerable, and I am proud to be endorsed by both Kentucky Right to Life and Northern Kentucky Right to Life.

I would like would like to share the April 2, 2012 message from Kentucky Right To Life:

“I have known Rep. Wuchner for almost a decade and have worked closely with her in the
Kentucky House since she was elected in 2004.

Rep. Wuchner is endorsed, again, in 2012 by the Kentucky Right to Life Association (KRLA)
Political Action Committee.

Rep. Addia Wuchner has been a tenacious pro-life legislator in the
Kentucky House for years. She has a 100% pro-life voting record and a keen
grasp of the pro-life issues facing Kentuckians.

In the Kentucky legislature, there are many pro-life legislators who cast pro-life
votes, and to whom we are grateful. Then there are a select few who are committed
to human life as a first principle, and who work tirelessly and sacrificially to protect
the lives of unborn children in heroic ways. Rep. Wuchner is one of those few – her
pro-life leadership in the Kentucky House is indispensable.”
– Margie Montgomery, Executive Director, Kentucky Right to Life Association, Inc.

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